Belladonna 30c


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Potency 30c 4 gram dosage dispenser Approx 100 pillules A remedy for very high fevers, p articularly as a result of a chill to the head. G ive in the early stages colds and flu which come o n suddenly and fiercely. Use for earaches and sor e throats where there is redness and heat. Symptoms may include: The patient may have an inflamed area or thei r whole body may be burning red and hot.æIn fever eyes are glassy and their pupils dilated.æThe sy mptoms may have appeared very quickly and the pain s are violent and throbbing.æThere may be a rapid pulse and the patient might be angry, possibly de lirious, or even hallucinating.æThey will be thir sty and may crave lemonade.æThey feel better when lying down but worse for being touched and for an y jarring movement.

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Specification: Belladonna 30c



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